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Pater that consecrated the Mithraeum of Gimmeldingen.

  • Stone monuments from the Mithras sanctuary in Gimmeldingen

    Stone monuments from the Mithras sanctuary in Gimmeldingen

  • Incriptio of Corax from Gimmeldingen

    Incriptio of Corax from Gimmeldingen


Biography of Potentianus

His community
in Mithräum von Gimmeldingen



Inscription of Corax Materninius Faustinus of Gimmeldingen

The inscription was located at the base of the main Tauroctony of the Gimmeldingen Mithraeum

In h(onorem) d(omus) d(ivinae) / deo inviht[o] (sic) Midre (sic) / Maternin[i]us Faustinu(s) / carax (sic) fan[um] cum solo inviht[o] / in suo fecit c[ onsac]ratus XI k(alendis) Feb(ruariis).
Fanus (sic) consacrat(us) / per Potentianum / patrem co(n)s(ulibus) / Paulino et Iuliano /l(ibens) l(aetus) m(erito).
In honour of the divine house, to the invincible god Mithras, Materninius Faustinus, Crow, consecrated a shrine with (a statue of) the invincible Sol, on his property (in suo), on the tenth day before the calendars of February. Sanctuary (fanum) consecrated by Potentianus, Father, the consuls being (Sextus Anicius Faustus) Paulinus and (Ionis) Iulianus, willingly, joyfully and justly.

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Published on 28 Jan 2022

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