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Dancing out
the Mysteries of Dionysos

Peter Mark Adams: ‘The initiation was a frightening experience that caused some people to panic as a flood of otherworldly entities swept through the ritual space.’


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Some places to visit

  • Mitreo de Carminiello ai Mannesi

    The Mithraeum of Carminiello ai Mannesi was installed in two rooms of a 1st century BC domus.

  • Mithräum von Königsbrunn

    The Mithraeum of Königsbrunn is the only one preserved in the ancient Roman province of Raetia.

  • Mitreo dell'Esquilino

    In a house from the time of Constantine, a Lararium was found with a statue of Isis-Fortuna. The Mithraeum was a door next to it, on a lower room.

  • Mitreo di Vulci

    The Mithraeum of Vulci is remarkable because of his high benches and the arches below them.



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