Dancing out
the Mysteries of Dionysos

Peter Mark Adams: ‘The initiation was a frightening experience that caused some people to panic as a flood of otherworldly entities swept through the ritual space.’


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  • Mithraeum of St. Egyden

    The 'Mithraic cave' in the Gradische/Gradišče massif near St. Egidio contained vessels decorated with snakes and the remains of chicken bones and other animals that were consumed during Mithraic ceremonies.

  • Mithraeum of Rudchester

    The Mithraeum of Rudchester was discovered in 1844 on the brow of the hill outside the roman station.

  • Mitreo delle Sette Porte

    The name of the Mithraeum of the Seven Gates refers to the doors depicted in the mosaic that decorates the floor, symbolising the seven planets through which the souls of the initiates have to pass.

  • Casa del Mitreo de Mérida

    Although this building is not a Mithraeum, archaeologists have found several monuments related to the cult of Mithras.



Comments from visitors


Ale Fernandez

This is actually in San Giovanni al Timavo, a little way along from Duino itself.

on La grotta del Mitreo


Nik Shah

It is magnificent. so better if you had a picture of the inside.

on Temple of Garni


Thomas Smith

I would humbly suggest that #6 on the left might be a representation of Narcissus, having fallen in ...

on Tauroctony of Osterburken



Le serpent photographié n'en fait pas partie.

on Mithraeum de Bordeaux


Joachim Neumaier

Dear Collegue: May I consult You in order to a potsherd on which the word 'leonis' has been grave...

on Mithraeum of Tienen


Pattie Lawler

I appreciate this article as it spawned and actual (gasp!) conversation on the facebook group.

on From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas

Un saludo fraternal a ti, Ricardo.

on From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas


Kemal Koçak

Love the picture of both guys besides the statue.

on Carabinieri recover a Mithras Tauroctony about to be sold on the black market



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