Mariemont unveils
(some of) the Mysteries of Mithras

The exhibition The Mystery of Mithras opens at the Mariemont Museum in Belgium, home of Franz Cumont, the father of studies on the solar god.


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Some places to visit

  • Villa del Mitra (Cabra)

    The Villa del Mitra or Casa del Mitra takes its name from the discovery of a Mithras Tauroctonus in the vicinity.

  • Domus del Mitreo of Tarquinia

    The discovery of the Mithraeum of Tarquinia is due to the Department for Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Carabinieri, who noticed some clandestine excavations near the Ara della Regina.

  • Casa del Mitreo de Mérida

    Although this building is not a Mithraeum, archaeologists have found several monuments related to the cult of Mithras.

  • Mitreo del Circo Massimo

    The Mithraeum of the Circus Maximus was discovered in 1931 during work carried out to create a storage area for the scenes and costumes of the Opera House within the Museums of Rome building.



Comments from visitors



Gracias por compartir luz con tu trazado.

on Del mitraísmo a la masonería. Una historia de las ideas



This is a great Mithraeum and a obliged visit if you go to Roma.

on Mitreo di San Clemente


Robert Fritzius

According to Robert J. Bull (February 2011) this Mithraeum has been demolished.

on Mithraeum of Caesarea Maritima


Ron Myers

I was wondering if any mithraea have been found in Florence. Thanks.

on Aion of Florence


Thomas Smith

I would humbly suggest that #6 on the left might be a representation of Narcissus, having fallen in ...

on Tauroctony of Osterburken


Nik Shah

It is magnificent. so better if you had a picture of the inside.

on Temple of Garni


David Price

Fascinating and groundbreaking work on Mithraism! It is still not clear how much the Emesa syncretis...


You are right, Stephen. Thank you for noticing. We have updated the information on this article.

on Submission scene from Barberini

Thank you for noticing, Ron.

on Mithraeum of Sidon



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