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Carabinieri recover a Mithras Tauroctony about to be sold on the black market

The Mithriac votive sculpture comes from a clandestine excavation in the Tarquinia area. The criminal chain is active in archaeological areas of Rome and southern Etruria.


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Some places to visit

  • Mithraeum of Ptuj III

    Mithraeum III in Ptuj was built in two periods: the original walls were made of pebbles, while the extension of a later period was made of brick.

  • Mithraeum of Cyrene

    The Mithraeum of Cyrene is preserved among the remarkable ruins of the ancient capital of the Roman province of Cyrene.

  • Mitreo de la Tumba del Elefante

    The Mithraeum of the Elephant tomb is located in Roman necropolis. In one of the burials the statue of an elephant was found.

  • Mitreo presso Porta Romana

    The Mithraeum near Porta Romana was connected to a Sacello, but the door was blocked.



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Stephen Chappell

I would also heartily recommend the exhibition catalog - it's a fantastic work, combining essays fro...

on Mariemont unveils
(some of) the Mysteries of Mithras

Indeed, Dionisia. Thanks for noticing, already corrected.

on Aion of Villa Albani



This is a great Mithraeum and a obliged visit if you go to Roma.

on Mitreo di San Clemente

Thank you for noticing, Ron.

on Mithraeum of Sidon


Pattie Lawler

Interesting that the couch's covering isn't recognizable as the slain bull, though I'm not sure I wo...

on Triptic of Tróia


Jorge Gallo

Congratulations to the city hall of Lugo and all the team who participated in this unexpected discov...

on The Mithreaum of Lugo reveals the expansion of the Persian cult to the boundaries of Hispania


Nik Shah

Great. It's similar to the Mithraic temple in Maragheh, Iran.

on Mithraeum of Zerzevan


Ricardo Restaldi

Excelente artículo Hermano. La Masonería sigue siendo la gran heredera de los antiguos misterios.

on From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas


Pattie Lawler

I appreciate this article as it spawned and actual (gasp!) conversation on the facebook group.

on From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas



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