Castle and Mithraeum of Zerzevan candidate to World Heritage

The Temple of Mithras, inside an ancient military settlement, is situated on the eastern border of the Roman Empire.


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  • Mitreo degli Animali

    The Mithraeum of the Animals was decorated with a mosaic depicting a naked man, a cock, a raven, an scorpion, a snake and the head of the bull.

  • Mithraeum of London

    The London Mithraeum has been contextualized and relocated in its original emplacement in 2016.

  • Mithraeum des Bolards

    The Mithraeum des Bolards was integrated into a therapeutic cultural complex related to healing waters.

  • Mithräum von Saalburg

    In the 1900s a model Mithraeum was built in Saalburg in the mistaken belief that there was an original temple of Mithras in an ancient Roman building.



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Gracias por compartir luz con tu trazado.

on Del mitraísmo a la masonería. Una historia de las ideas


Nik Shah

Porphyry says that the cave isn’t only the symbol of the Cosmos, but also the symbol of invisible ...

on Porphyry’s Cave of Nymphs
and the Cult of Mithras

Merci pour l'information, Zi. En effet, la sculpture jointe faisait partie d'un autre ensemble.

on Mithraeum de Bordeaux


Kemal Koçak

Love the picture of both guys besides the statue.

on Carabinieri recover a Mithras Tauroctony about to be sold on the black market


Roberto R. Violat

Excelente su artículo que confirma la teoria del profesor Russell, del cual me basé en parte en la...

on From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas


Pattie Lawler

??? Is this an actual mithraeum?...

on Mitreo d'Orazio Muti


Ron Kassav

For rectification, Saïda or Sidon is in Lebanon...

on Mithraeum of Sidon


Nik Shah

Good information...

on Mitreo del Circo Massimo


DIonsia Xanthippos

In our description, isn't the word "cloak" in the last sentence a typo for "globe"?...

on Aion of Villa Albani



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