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Mithraeum of Carnuntum II

The second temple devoted to Mithras in Carnuntum is situated besides a Jupiter's temple.
30 Apr 2010
Updated on 22 Feb 2022

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A Mithraeum II was found at Carnuntum 'auf der Pfaffenbrunnwiese'.

It is situated beside a temple of Jupiter Dolichenus. A pronaos or vestibulum (Br. 2.00) precedes the regular Mithraeum (L. 12.50 Br. 7.50), which is divided into a corridor (Br. 3.00) and two benches (Br. 1.25). These benches begin at 0.50 from the entrance and end  at the backwall; at the beginning there is a step. Before the projecting cultniche (Deep 1.00) the base of an altar was found. From fragments of stucco it appears that the Mithraeum was vaulted. is powered by Enkidū