Mithraeum de Vienne

Emperor Julian may have been initiated into the cult of the god Mithras at the Mithraeum of Vienne, France, according to Turcan.
1 Jun 2021
Updated on 17 Mar 2022

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According to Allmer, Inscr. Vienne, II, 454f No. 270 the following monuments were discovered in 1835:
1) A stone base with inscription; the upper part is broken off:
CIL XII 1811; MMM II No. 500.
Deo Cau/te.
2) A fragment, on which a Phrygian cap is visible.
3) Two genii in Phrygian cap, dressed in tunic and cloak; each of them holds a torch (Cautes and Cautopates).
These monuments seem to have got lost.


The l. bottom corner of a white marble low-relief (H. 0.22 Br. 0.21 D. 0.07). Vienne Museum.

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