Mithräum von Königsbrunn

The Mithraeum of Königsbrunn is the only one preserved in the ancient Roman province of Raetia.
2 Jun 2009
Updated on 17 Jan 2022
Vista general del Mitreo de Königsbrunn

Vista general del Mitreo de Königsbrunn


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Situated halfway up the slope of the former bank of the Lech, the Königsbrunn Mithraeum has exterior dimensions of 9.8 x 9.1 metres. It consists of a central hall with a central nave (cella), a long antechamber facing north-south and a slightly lower rectangular apse to the west, an antechamber facing north-south, as well as a rectangular apse situated slightly lower to the west.

In 1976, the Bavarian State Monuments Conservation Office, Swabia branch, discovered the tufa foundations of eight Roman buildings during the construction of the municipal cemetery, Swabia office. is powered by Enkidū