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Submission scene from Barberini

This scene of the main fresco of the Mithraeum Barberini seems to depict part of the initiation into the Mithraic Mysteries.
One of the frescoes of Mithraeum Barberini

One of the frescoes of Mithraeum Barberini

The New Mithraeum
25 May 2021

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Mithras, dressed in a white tunic with long sleeves, red anaxyrides and red cloak, lays with his l.h. a crown on the head of Sol, who is knelt down before him and who raises his both hands up to him. Above Sol's head Mithras holds with his r.h. a brown object (club?; cap?).

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Mitreo Barberini

The Barberini Mithraeum was discovered in 1936 in the garden of the Palazzo Barberini, owned by Conte A. Savorgnan di Brazza.

Major fresco of the Mitreo Barberini

The votive fresco from the Mithraeum Barberini displays several scenes from Mithras's myth.

Marble slab with inscription from Mitreo Barberini

The inscription mentions the name of the donor, Yperanthes, of Persian origin.