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    Ulbius Gaianus

    Praefectus vehiculorum, an official of the Roman courier service.
  • Monumentum

    Slab of the astrologer Maximus of Milan

    Marcus Valerius Maximus records in this inscription his knowledge of astrology as well as the name of his wife.

    CIMRM 708

    From Italy

    M(arcus) Valeri[us] / Maximu[s] / sacerdo[s] / d(ei) S(olis) i(nvicti) M(ithrae) / stu[di(osus)] / astrologia[e] / sibi et / Severiae Apr[.] / uxori. / H(oc) m(onumentum) h(eredes) n(on) [s(equetur)].

    Marcus Valerius Maximus

    Priest and astrologer of Milan.