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Two-sided relief from Konjic

The relief shows a Tauroctony in one side and a ritual meal in the other.
17 May 2021
  • Tauroctony from Konjic

    Tauroctony from Konjic

  • Mithraic communion from Konjic

    Mithraic communion from Konjic


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Relief in grey limestone (H. 0.59 Br. 0.825 D. 0.10) from the Repovic mountains. It is sculptured on two sides and it was found near A. Sarajevo, Archaeological Museum. Probably 4th cent. A.D.

1) Front:

Patsch, 192ff and PI. XI; Giglioli, MlR, PI. XXXI; Gabricevic in Glasnik Sarajevu (N.S.) VII, 1952, 19ff and fig.; idem in AJ I 1954,37 No. 16. See fig. 490 given by B. Gabricevic.

By two vertical rims the relief is divided into three parts. In the grotto which is indicated by an arch with an inscription (No. 1896,2) Mithras kills the bull.

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