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Tauroctony of St. Andrä vor dem Hagenthale

The votive image was donated by a certain Verus for a mithraeum which was probably located in the hinterland of the Limes.
14 Aug 2021
Tauroctony relief of St. Andrä vor dem Hagenthale

Tauroctony relief of St. Andrä vor dem Hagenthale
Robert Caudill —


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In a semi-circular niche suggesting the vault of heaven, the scene of the killing of the bull is depicted. Mithras, wearing a flowing cloak and a Phrygian cap, kneels on the collapsing bull and kills it. To the right and left are the two torchbearers Cautes and Cautopates, above them busts of Sol and Luna, a raven, under the bull a scorpion, a snake and a dog. is powered by Enkidū