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Tauroctony from Albacini

This black marble of Mithras killing the Bull has belonged to the sculptor Carlo Albacini.
2 Jun 2021
Tauroctony from Albacini

Tauroctony from Albacini


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Black marble statue (H. 0.60-0.70 with base; Br. 0.83). At first in the Villa
Montalto-Negroni-Massimi; then at the sculptor Carlo Albacini, nowadays in the Vatican Musea, Sala dei Animali, No. 94.

Mithras in the usual attitude and attire as a bullkiller. The dog licks the blood from the wound; the serpent crawls over the ground; the scorpion is not clearly visible. Behind this group the dressed upper part of a woman's body emerges from a rock. is powered by Enkidū