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Tauroctony exhibited at the Cincinnati Art Museum

In the tauroctonic relief on display at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Mithras slaughters the bull over a rocky background.
20 Aug 2021
Mithraic relief on Cincinnati Art Museum

Mithraic relief on Cincinnati Art Museum
Cincinnati Art Museum


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Relief in limestone (H. 0.625, W. 0.952. Th. 0.178) said to have been found in the Via Praenestina inside or outside Rome and now in Boston, the Cincinnati Art Museum, accession no 1968: 112. Mithras in the usual dress and attitude as bullslayer. Girt tunica manicata with the sheath of a dagger; the god is looking at the wound. Dog. snake and scorpion; no raven; no torchbearers. The bull's tail does not end in ears of corn. In the upper left corner and on the rocky background there is the bust of Sol whose head is surrounded by thirteen rays.

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