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Tauroctony bronze of Szőny

Szony's bronze plate shows Mithra slaying the bull and the seven planets with attributes at the bottom of the composition.
20 Aug 2021
Tauroctony bronze of Szony

Tauroctony bronze of Szony


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Bronze plate (H. 0.327 Br. 0.301 weight 333,8 gr.) found near the back wall. Budapest, Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum.

In the four corners are small holes to attach the monument by. The grotto is divided into one large niche in the centre and two small arches on the sides. The border of the grotto is decorated with laurel-leaves which in five places are fastened to the grotto by means of ribbons. Upon the central arch the raven is represented, perched upon a stick (probably a ray of Sol); two small daggers with points downwards are visible on the garland.

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Mithraeum of Szőny

The Mithraeum of Szony has the form of a grotto and the entrance is on the west side.


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