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Fresco Tauroctony of Mitreo di Marino

The importance of the Mithraeum of Marino lies in its frescoes, the most significant of which is that of Mithras slaying the bull, surrounded by mythological scenes.
8 May 2010
Tauroctonia del Mitreo di Marino

Tauroctonia del Mitreo di Marino


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The rear wall of the sanctuary is given the form of a trapezium by the vault of the grotto. It has a dark border. The background is stuccoed white and in the centre there is a large oblong painting of Mithras the bull-slayer with four minor scenes on either side.

From top to bottom one sees:
On the left:

1) The battle between Jupiter and the Giants
Jupiter appears in the sky, but only the upper part of his body is visible above a red horizontal stripe. The god is bearded and his short shoulder cape is billowing in the wind.

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Mitreo di Marino

The Mithraeum of Marino is the longest temple devoted to Mithras know hitherto.


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