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Tauroctony of Sarrebourg

The Tauroctony of Saarbourg (Sarrebourg, ancient Pons Sarravi), France, contains most of Mithras deeds known in a single relief.
10 Jul 2009
Updated on 21 Mar 2022
  • Relieve de la tauroctonia del Mitreo de Sarrebourg.

    Relieve de la tauroctonia del Mitreo de Sarrebourg.

  • Unknown 


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Relief in sandstone (H. 2.60 Br. 2.20), which stood on the base of the cult-niche and was attached to the back-wall by means of iron clips.

The badly damaged relief rests upon a cornice, consisting of a projecting edge with a votive inscription and four layers with flower- and egg-decoration. On it the main scene (H. 1.70 Br. 1.75), consisting of three parts, connected with iron hooks. On either side a raised border (Br. 0.22), which is crowned by a rosette. Each border contains five scenes. On the top of the relief a frieze (H. 0.

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