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Relief with Aion/Phanes of Modena

The relief of Aion/Phanes of Modena has been linked to two Eastern mysteric religions: Mithraism and Orphism.
16 Aug 2021
Relief with Aion/Phanes inside the Zodiac

Relief with Aion/Phanes inside the Zodiac
Gallerie Estensi


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White marble relief (H. 0.71 Br. 0.49). About the discovery of this monument little is known. According to Cavedoni it was 'à l'epoque de Muratori (1672-1750) dans le palais du Marquis Sigismund d'Este à San Martino in Rio, terre du duche de Reggio, distante de 8 milles de cette cite' and he adds an hesitating datum about its origin: 'Comme ce seigueur de S. Martino possedait d'autres antiquites de Rome, il parait assez vraisemblable que le bas-relief est aussi d'origine romaine'. After that it lay forgotten at Modena from 1752 untill it drew Moreni's attention; now Museum Modena No. 2676.

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