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Tauroctony of Neuenheim

The Tauroctony relief of Neuenheim, Heidelberg, includes several scenes from the deeds of Mithras and other gods.
24 May 2010
Tauroctonia de Neuenheim / Heidelberg

Tauroctonia de Neuenheim / Heidelberg


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Relief in red sandstone (H. 2.26 Br. 2.40). Karlsruhe, Badisches Landesmuseum. I am deeply indebted to Dr. R. Schnellbach and Dr. Eva Zimmermann for sending me the photographs. The Museum was badly damaged during World-War II and therefore it was not possible for me to check all the monuments personally.

The monument has a base (H. 0.

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Mithräum von Neuenheim

Only a small part of the Neuenheim Mithraeum has been excavated.

Mithras riding a horse

Mithras galloping, in a cypress forest, carrying a globe in one hand and accompanied by a lion and a snake.


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