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Mitreum of Duhok

There is no solid evidences of the finding of a Mithraic temple in Duhok, Iraq.
19 Jul 2009

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In late August, the Director of Antiquities in Duhok (a.k.a. Dohuk or Dahuk) in Kurdish Iraq, Hasan Ahmed Qassim, announced his institution had unearthed a Zoroastrian temple of Anna Hita. The same brief article is reproduced in several publications and is not very easy to understand, e.g., '[i]t is also said that it was a Metherani temple.' By 'Metherani' is meant 'Mithraic.' The legend of the accompanying photo reads: 'The newly discovered Zoroastrian Temple near Jar Ston Cave near Duhok; The picture shows the inside of the cave. Photo: Kurdish Globe.

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