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Mithras with the bow

A statue of Mithras with a bow was found on the pit of the Mithraeum of Dieburg.
14 Aug 2021
Mithras with a boutstatue in yellow sandstone

Mithras with a boutstatue in yellow sandstone
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Statue in yellow sandstone (H. 0.39 Br. 0.22 D. 0.025-0.075), found in the pit of the Mithraeum. Inv. No. 145/52.

Mithras dressed in tunic and long shoulder-cape is standing next to an altar. He holds in his l.h. a bow and in his r.h. an indistinct object (arrow?). The head and the feet are lost (water-miracle). Next to his r.leg is a vase.

Behn, 29, No. 3 and fig 28; Esp. Rec. Germ., 168 No. 248. See fig. 326.

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