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Mithras Tauroctony and other figures from Palæographia Britannica

Palæographia Britannica: or, discourses on antiquities that relate to the history of Britain. Number III.
12 May 2021
Updated on 15 Jan 2022
Frontispiece to William Stukeley's Palæographia Britannica

Frontispiece to William Stukeley's Palæographia Britannica
British Library


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This engraving – showing the Roman god Mithras killing a bull – was used as the frontispiece to the third book of William Stukeley’s (1687–1765) Palæographia Britannica (1743–1752) series.

It is based on Stukeley’s own sketch of a Roman relief sculpture found in Micklegate, York in 1747. is powered by Enkidū