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Mithras tauroctonus and taurophorus vessel from Lanuvium

The red ceramic vessel from Lanuvium shows Mithra carrying the bull, followed by the dog, and the Tauroctony on the opposite side.
28 Aug 2021
  • Mithraic African cup in terra sigillata.

    Mithraic African cup in terra sigillata.
    Carole Raddato 

  • Red vessel of Lanuvium.

    Red vessel of Lanuvium. 


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Plate of red-ware (diam. 0.21), found at Cività Lavinia together with other similar fragments. Rome, Museo Nazionale.

The inside of the plate shows two opposite representations. Mithras in richly embroidered garments, leans against the bull and kills it with his dagger. The accompanying animals are lacking.

On the other side Mithras in the same attire bears the bull on his shoulders. Behind him a dog with collar.

C. L. Visconti in BCM I, 1872-3 (Roma 1874), 117ff and Taf. III, 2,3; MMM II 248 No. 89 and fig. 80; DS. Dict. Ant. 1953 fig.

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