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Mithraeum of Caesarea Maritima

This shrine developed towards the end of 1st century and remained active until late 3rd.
20 May 2007



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At present this is the only Mithraeum known in Roman province of Syria Palestina. [...] It is difficult to assign an exact date to the founding of the Caesarea Maritima Mithraeum. No dedicatory plaques have been discovered that might aid in the dating. The lamps found with the taurectone medallion are from the end of the first century to the late third century A.D. Other pottery and coins from the vault are also from this era. Therefore it is speculated that this Mithraeum developed toward the end of the first century and remained active until the late third century.

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Caesarea Maritima's Medallion

The small medallion depicts three scenes from the life of Mithras, including the Tauroctony.


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