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Hekate of Sidon

The Hekataion of Sidon shows a triple Hekate surrounded by three dancing nymphs.
8 Aug 2021
Marble statuette of Hecate depicted as a triple goddess surrounded by dancers

Marble statuette of Hecate depicted as a triple goddess surrounded by dancers
Carole Raddato, CC BY-SA 2.0


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La plus curieuse de nos trois pièces, l'Hécataion n° 54, nous fournit d'abord une preuve indirecte de sa date tardive. Cumont a cherché jadis à éclairer le rôle de la déesse infernale dans le mithriacisme (Cumont, Textes et mon., I, p. 140 avec référ.) mais on remarque que le groupe de Sidon est la preuve majeure des rapports d'Hécate avec le dieu iranien : on ne saurait pour le reste invoquer qu'une dédicace d'Apulum qui doit appartenir au IIIe siècle et un fragment de sculpture du Mithréum de S. Prisca à Rome.

Related monuments

Mithraeum of Sidon

The Mithraeum of Sidon escaped destruction because the followers of Mithras walled off the entrance to the underground sanctuary.

Mithras killing the bull from Sidon

Sculpture of a Tauroctony from Sidon, currently Lybia.

Relief of Tauroctony from Sidon

The relief of the Sidon Tauroctony includes the signs of the zodiac and the four seasons, among other common elements.

Lion-headed Aion from Sidon

Edmon Durighello, a journalist, discovered this Aion marble in 1887.


Mithras carrying the bull

Sculpture depicting Mithras carrying a young bull on his shoulders.

Cautes of Sidon

The Sidon sculpture includes a dog jumping between Cautes's legs.

Cautopates of Sidon

Cautopates sculpture of Sidon features a snake near his left leg.

Cautes with an axe

The Cautes of Sidon who wields an axe also wears a piece of cloth on his left arm.


Second Cautes of Sidon holding an axe

In this case, a quiver has been attached to the tree-stump behind the torchbearer.

Bronze Venus of Sidon

There are two Venus from the Mithraeum of Sidon, one in bronze and the other in Parian marble.


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