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Tauroctony of Symphorus and Marcus from Aquincum

This sculpture of Mithras killing the sacred bull bears an inscription that mentions the donors.
Tauroctony of Aquincum

Tauroctony of Aquincum 

The New Mithraeum
13 Mar 2022

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Statue (H. 1.305 Br. 1.315), fragments of which were found in front of the niche and in the north wing of the sanctuary.

Mithras kills the bull whose tail ends in corn-ears. The dog and the serpent hold their heads near the wound; the scorpion in the usual place. In the base an inscription:

CIMRM 1769

[Sy]mphorus et M(arcus).Romana VII, 1943, fig. on the front page; Nagy in BpR XIII, 1943, fig. 25; Szilagyi, Pl. XLIX; BpTort. II, Pl. LXIV, 1. See fig. 460, kindly supplied by Dr. A. Mocsy. Some parts have been restored.

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