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Marble slab with inscription from Mitreo Fagan

This monument bears an inscription that describes the god Mithra as young, which is quite unusual.
The New Mithraeum
10 Mar 2022

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Inscription, probably found together with the Nos. 312 and 314.

C(aius) Valerius Herades pat[e]r e[t] an[tis]/tes dei iu[b]enis inconrupti So[l]is invicti Mithra[e / c]ryptam palati concessa[m] sibi a M(arco) Aurelio / ---

De Rossi supplies: Commodo Antonino Aug(usto).
CIL XIV 66; MMM II No. 139.

This inscription comes from the excavations of the

The Mitreo Fagan revealed remarkable sculptures of leon-headed figures now exposed at the Vatican Museum.

Tauroctony marble from Mitreo Fagan

The sculpture has an inscription where Mithras is called the undiscoverable deity.

Aion of Mitreo Fagan

The marble Aion from the lost Mithraeum Fagan, Ostia, now presides the entrance to the Vatican Library.

Aion relief of Mitreo Fagan

This white marble relief depicting a lion-headed figure from Ostia is now exposed at the Musei Vaticani.

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