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Altar to Mithras and Mars of Mainz

This altar has been unusually dedicated to both gods Mithras and Mars at Mogontiacum, present-day Mainz.
The New Mithraeum
13 Feb 2022
Updated on 26 Feb 2023

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A marble altar was found intact with its base and crown during the excavation of a mithraum in Mogontiacum (Mainz) in 1976. It bears a dedication from a military officer, who was responsible for accompanying the legion prefect and for the decoration (corniculum) on his egret, which is addressed to Mithras and Mars, with the permission of the community's pater named Primulus.

Like Mercury, Mars is present in the cults of Mithras as the tutelary god of a rank, in this case that of the Soldier (miles). He appears in this capacity on historiated reliefs (

The Mithraeum of Mainz, was discovered outside the Roman legionary fortress. Unfortunately the site was destroyed without being recorded.

Mithraic vessel of Mainz

The Mithraic vase from Ballplatz in Mainz shows seven figures performing different sequences of an initiation ritual.

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