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Inscriptions to Cautes and Cautopates of Aquincum

These two inscriptions appear on two statue bases of the Mithraeum II of Aquincum.
The New Mithraeum
1 Feb 2022
Updated on 2 Feb 2022

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These inscriptions on the base of two statues were found in 1888 without the sculptures in the second of five mithraea found to date at Aquincum:

Deo Cauti / M. Ant(onius) Victorinus / dec(urio) col(oniae) / Aq(uinci) aedilis.

CIMRM 1752

Deo Cau/topati / M. Ant(onius) / Victori/nus / dec(urio) col(oniae) / Aq(uinci) / aedilis.

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