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Tauroctony relief from Ladenburg

The Tauroctony from Landerburg, Germany, shows a naked Mithras only accompanied by his fellow Cautes.
Tauroctony of Ladenburg / Lopodunum

Tauroctony of Ladenburg / Lopodunum
CIMRM - From 

The New Mithraeum
27 May 2021
Updated on 1 Feb 2022

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Relief in red sandstone (H. 0.86 Br. 0.79 D. 0.20), found at Mannheim before 1599. At first at Ladenburg, from 1763 at Mannheim in the Grossherz. Antiquarium, now in the Zeughaus. We are very grateful to Dr. L. W. Bühm, the Director of the Reiss Museum, for the photograph. See fig. 334.

Mithras only in a flying cloak grasps the bull by one of the horns in order to kill him. A small part of the bull's snout is lost; above it the raven; no scorpion. A standing frontal figure dressed in shoulder cape holds the bull's tail with his l.h. and with his r.h.