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Alex Abbas

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Venezia, Italy
Joined December 2020
December 2020

I'd have liked to see the face of the carabinieri when they discovered the sculpture.

In Notitia

Carabinieri recover a Mithras Tauroctony about to be sold on the black market

The Mithriac votive sculpture comes from a clandestine excavation in the Tarquinia area. The criminal chain is active in archaeological areas of Rome and southern Etruria.

December 2020

About yourself.

December 2020

This is a great Mithraeum and a obliged visit if you go to Roma. It is located below San Clemente Church in the center of the city. You are transported back two millennia walking down a few steps. Worth it!

In Monumentum

Mitreo di San Clemente

The Mithraeum under the Basilica of San Clemente made part of a notable Roman house.